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About PetWalkers


Hi, my name is Elizabeth and I run PetWalkers.  I have been around dogs all my life and am currently owned by my two beautiful doggies; Flora and Darcy.  Little Darcy is a Petit Bassett Griffon Vendeen, and is a major cheeky monkey, whilst Flora, our Flat Coated Retriever, is a bundle of energy.   I'm also kept in check by my sweet natured cat, Red. Also in my flock are two mad, ginger guinea pigs, they are so much fun to watch and exceptionally friendly, as well as two ferrets, Ronnie and Reggie, who I have rescued as they were found abandoned.

First and foremost, I do not run an agency. I pride myself on providing an individual pet care service. I do not spend half of your dog's walk by doing the rounds and collecting or dropping off other dogs. When you ask for, and pay for something, that is what you get. I will not walk your dog with other dogs without your consent. Sometimes I may bring one of my dogs on the walk, as often this can assist in socialisation of your dog, especially where we do not meet other dogs on his usual walk.



I do not pack walk - in other words, the maximum number of dogs we would walk at any one time would be two, but this would be entirely dependent on the nature of the two dogs, their ability to walk together and, of course, the consent of the owner.  You can go about your daily routine, confident that your best friend has had a good walk and is now enjoying a nap.

Before starting with us, I will set  up  a  meeting  with  you  and  your pet(s) in order to put a face to the name and answer any queries you may have.  The happiness of your pet is PetWalkers' main concern and we will not take on more animals than we can cope with. I believe in providing a service that our own pets would enjoy. 

We are fully insured and are aware of the trust that you place in us when you allow us to come into your home and look after your pet. All house keys entrusted to us are kept in a locked safe when not being used. All  keys retained by us are identity coded for use by our staff and no reference is made to the property address. Therefore you can rest assured that even in the unlikely event of the keys getting into the wrong hands, they will be of no use to anyone.

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