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Picture of a dog in a field


 Our most popular section and they do say a dog is man's best friend. Dogs rely on you to provide everything for them. We can help with this and provide all services from basic dog walking so as to ensure your pet is exercised, to delivering his food to your door.


We offer the following services:

  • Dog Walking
  • Popping in to let your dog out for a 'nature break' during the day.
  • Petsitting overnight and during the day in your home.
  • Advice on behavioural problems and providing training.
  • Advising on the right type of food for your dog and obtaining and delivering this to your door.
  • Providing advice on all breeds available in this country to help you decide on which dog you wish to buy, and advising on the location of suitable breeders. 


Picture of a cat

OK, OK we know, cats can walk themselves!! However, even if they like to act as though they are the bees knees, we all know cats love attention and being fussed over.


When you go on holiday you can leave safe in the knowledge that your cat has stayed in the comfort of his own home and his routine has not been substantially disturbed. Our cat sitting service can be tailored to your requirements. After all you know your cat better than anyone.


Please speak to us to discuss your requirements and any concerns you may have. We can provide you with some useful tips and give you an immediate idea of the costs involved, so you can make an informed choice.


We are confident that you will find our service comes at a reasonable cost and comes with these valuable benefits as standard:

  • Your cat does not have to make a journey to the cattery, saving the stress that can bring.
  • Your cat has the least possible disturbance to his daily routine.
  • You cat receives individual attention from your PetSitter.
  • There is daily activity in your home. This can be a valuable security consideration. As standard we will move post and any newspapers into the house, and away from the door; we will put out the wheelie bin on bin days, and retrieve them at our next visit; we will close and open curtains in the evening and morning (if we are visiting more than once a day); additionally we can water house plants, if you require it.
  • We do not charge per cat. We make a charge based on the time that it will take to fulfil your requirements. If you have more than one cat, this can represent a saving over a cattery, where the charge will be per cat.



Picture of a rabbit

So you are off on holiday? We hope you have a lovely time, but have you thought about how your rabbit, hamster, gerbil, chameleon (yes, we have looked after a chameleon before!) or guinea pig will get fed and watered?


We have the answer. We will be happy to visit and make sure that your pet is properly fed and supplied with fresh water.


For the larger of our furry friends (typically rabbits and guinea pigs) we can let them out of their cage for that all important exercise in the house or garden, and for all animals we will clean out their cages when necessary.







We are now able to offer One-to-One Dog Training. For more information, please click on the link below to be taken to our dedicated website alternatively give us a call for a no obligation chat about your requirements.



We operate our training under the brand name of PackLeader. You can expect the same level of service and care from PackLeader as you do from PetWalkers -  we just think it is easier for everyone if they know what each area of our business concentrates on.








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